Whitney Houston - You were loved

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We all want to make a place in this world We all want our voices to be heard Everyone wants a chance to be someone We all have dreams we need to dream Sweeter than any star you can reach Is when you
reach and find you found someone Youll hold this worlds most priceless thing The greatest gift this life can bring Is when you look back and know You were loved Chorus: You were loved by someone
Touched by someone Held by someone Meant something to someone Loved somebody Touched somebodys heart along the way You can look back and say You were loved Yes you were, now You can have diamonds in
the hands Have all the riches in the land But without love you dont really have a thing When somebody cares that your alive When somebody trusts you with their life Thats when you know That you have
all you need You hold this worlds most priceless gift The finest treasure that there is You can look back and know You were loved Chorus So many roads that you can take Whatever way you go Dont take
that road alone Its better you should know… Chorus So remember to tell that special one You are loved…are loved…you are loved