Dreamgirls - Love you,I do

Prenta texta

I’ve never met a man quite like you.
Doin’ all he can, makin’ my dreams come true.
Your strong & your smart, you’ve taken my heart & I’ll give you the rest of me too.
Your the perfect man for me, I love you, I do.

Mm, I love ya.

I’ve never ever felt quite like this.
Good about myself from our very first kiss.
I’m here when you call, you’ve got it all and confidence like I never knew.
Your the perfect man for me ,I love you I do.

You’ve got the charm, you simply disarm me everytime.
As long as you drive, I’m along for the ride, your way.

You said it before, that won’t be a door thats closed to us.
I’m putting all my trust in you cause you, you’ll always be true.

I never could’ve known this would be, ohhh.. you & you alone (yeah)
All for me.

I know your the best, you passed every test.
Its almost too good to be true,
You’re the perfect man for me, I love you, I do. (2x)